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For filmmakers the right marketing tactics are extremely important, especially if the goal is to attract potential investors and established brand awareness.

Our company provides full PR marketing services for Actors/Filmmakers/Talent Agencies to improve online visibility and makes managing, maintaining and growth of your social media presence in real time simple, affordable and effective.

The Internet Movie Database became a top Hollywood resource for casting actors in major roles. When marketing is done correctly it is a great way to brand yourself as a serious Actor. When marketing is done the wrong way it can permanently damage your career.

With 44 Million registered users is not that easy to be find. The Entertainment business is built on perception, and the Ranking score has become the standard for success and the potential for success is measured by.

As an artist your ranking is at times directly proportionate to the number of opportunities you get.

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Why ranking is so important in the Film Industry?

Because, it's a measure of your popularity. We know a number of casting directors who put actorsí pages ranking in their pitches to producers and such on what actors to get. Agents also look at it to get a sense of how bankable you are.