Reasons to shop from us!

Our specialty is marketing and publicity for actors, filmmakers, models, singers, and their projects. We also provide Branding/Digital Media Marketing/Marketing for Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest/Youtube/Websites/Website Traffic/Advanced SEO Services/Press Releases and more.

We have helped a wide range of actors from new, up and coming to big screen A celebrities clientele.

We have developed social media marketing services for small to medium size businesses to help them increase visibility, gain new clients and increase profit.

We are publicists who promote the careers of celebrities (actors/filmmakers/singers/athletes) by generating publicity through Social Media and press!

In addition we work with traditional publicist/talent agencies/talent managers/celebrities/film studios/music labels/small to medium business, and (Fortune 500)companies to help them enhance online visibility/brand awareness.

We will ensure that your website attracts maximum interest with an aggressive “inbound marketing” campaign using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies.

We keep up with changes in search engine applications as Google, Bing and others continually update their requirements.

We have the best digital media specialists. Our company leaves no stone unturned to create the “buzz” you need for your brand!

We have done massive work with independent filmmakers, actors, models, singers, writers, and business owners.

While it’s tough to build an audience with a small budget, creating the buzz/publicity through social media outlets turns out to be a proven method to promote your film/business/brand/yourself.

So let us handle your social media marketing, and management; you get back to doing what you do best… running your business.


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